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C Products Defense Testimonials

"I received my 28RD AR 7.62x39 mags and they are great. No hangups no stove pipes, complete feed. When I received my rifle it came with two *** mags, they are junk. When they didn't feed I ordered C Products Defense as always. Thank you.
P.S. Wish I had your mags in Vietnam!”

Jerry, Ex Marine

"Your stainless steel mag is unlike any other stainless steel mags out there! No sharp edges - no cuts, no slicing, clean spot welds - terrific attention to detail!" user

"I gave the magazines to the Marines. They immediately switched from their issued magazines to the ones that you sent. Tell whoever made them that the Marines out here like them"
Lt. Son, Afghanistan

"These are excellent mags, the only ones I'll use"
Kim G

"I now have a total of five (25rd 6.8 magazines) and still counting. Thanks for a great product!"
Mark L

"We ran 10,000 rounds through 4 of your stainless steel magazines with anti-tilt followers and they functioned perfectly.  We did not have one single malfunction.  These magazines functioned like a dream in all the weapons that we ran them through.  They are as strong and reliable as you said they are.  They also show little to no wear on them for that amount of use.  Thank you again for everything.  You are AWESOME."

Blake, LASD Deputy Sheriff

"Very nicely made products - worth the wait - thanks again!"
George K

"The black is a good dark color... a great tactical finish, and what I'd rather have for all my metal mags" user

"Best 10rd mags I ever had!"

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