ISO 9001

Magazine Products

7.62 x 39
6.5 Grendel
6.8 SPC
5.45 x 39
1911 .45
30 RD .223/5.56 SS 28 RD 7.62 x 39 SS 25 RD 6.5 SS 25 RD 6.8 SS 30 RD 5.45 x 39 SS 32 RD 9MM SS 08 RD 1911 .45 SS
30 RD .223/5.56 AL 10 RD 7.62 x 39 SS 10 RD 6.5 SS 10 RD 6.8 SS   20 RD 9MM SS 07 RD 1911 .45 SS
10 RD .223/5.56 SS 05 RD 7.62 x 39 SS 05 RD 6.5 SS 05 RD 6.8 SS      
 05 RD .223/5.56 SS            

The Stainless Steel Magazine

In order to meet the needs of today’s combat conditions, the new stainless steel magazine was developed. Extremely durable and dependable, the stainless steel magazine outperforms the mil-spec aluminum magazine in every test.

The combination of 400 series stainless steel and heat treatment makes this magazine one of the most heavy-duty in the industry today, with only a slight increase in weight. It can take a beating that would destroy an aluminum magazine and continue to perform admirably with enhanced strength, reliability and performance.

C Products Defense is one of the select few magazine manufacturers to use the technology of fully automated robotic welding stations. This allows us to control and monitor automatically each magazine weld, ensuring that each weld is dimensionally correct. A computer printout is available from every shift to verify the quality. Any weld not meeting the load specifications is immediately rejected.

All CPD magazines feature the new “snap on” anti-tilt follower. The use of the .020 gauge material in stainless steel combined with increased interior dimensional room enhances proper stacking of the rounds and dramatically reduces failure due to jams. Functionally, this magazine is far superior to any in today’s market.