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About Us

Who We Are

C Products Defense is proud to be a U.S. based manufacturing company with over 50 years of combined experience in the firearms industry. We provide outstanding products for the military, law enforcement agencies, and firearm manufacturers but it doesn’t stop there. In order to keep meeting the changing requirements of our customers, CPD is continuously developing new products, and your suggestions are always welcome.
CPD Factory Tour- See behind the scenes at CPD's manufacturing facility, the people and the machines that work together to produce our high quality magazines.


Why C Products Defense

Our goal is to manufacture the best-designed, highest quality, 100% reliable magazines that work the first time, every time, because a firearm is only as good as its magazine.

Quality is the number one priority at C Products Defense. For each process—stamping, welding, heat treating, coating and assembly—strict quality checks are in place from the initial manufacturing process all the way through testing, packaging and delivery of our final product to you.

We have the most reliable and durable magazine made today in any caliber for the M16/M4 AR platform, as well as for pistol and bolt action rifles. Our stainless steel magazines, in combination with our new "snap-on" anti-tilt follower, are the clear choice. We also offer the same "snap-on" anti-tilt follower in our aluminum magazines.